Boats, Bikes, Bruises n Breda

Hello everybody! Im still alive! Apologies for abandoning you all for so long. I’ve concocted a pretty good line of excuses for my shocking behaviour. Firstly this wonderful little insight into my slightly strange and grubby life meant that people are now actually paying me to write! Yes money, real life queens head bucks. So […]

Little Miss Sunshine

Apologies for the lack of blogs lately, my evenings have been taken up by doing paid writing work, painting dinghies and eating museli. Although the extra doh is nice I can tell ya now that its way more fun to write to you guys than it is to glorify the crappy benefits of overpriced MDF […]

The Grand Finale

Many of you will know that the deadline of Peggotty was something that I had been dreading. After 72 days/1728 hours of intense boat building, I have never had so much fun, learnt so much or worked so hard. The thought of finishing her and going back to odd jobs, leaving the safety of my […]