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  • The Grand Finale

    Many of you will know that the deadline of Peggotty was something that I had been dreading. After 72 days/1728 hours of intense boat building, I have never had so much fun, learnt so much or worked so hard. The thought of finishing her and going back to odd jobs, leaving the safety of my […]

  • Life in The Yard
  • The Off Cut Life

    Not only do I not live on the cut but I have also spent most of my life surviving on off cuts. I was talking to someone the other day who asked me what the budget was for the restoration of my boat and aside from “as little as possible” I didn’t really have an […]

  • Life in The Yard
  • In Sickness and In Boats

    For those of you that know me personally or through the viral webs of facebook you’ll have noticed I have been moaning and groaning all week about being struck with some kind of evil brand of flu. After surviving a 10 hour drinking session on Sunday for one of the yards many Christmas parties, I […]